Marine, river and coastal structures


Marine, coastal and fluvial (on rivers) structures projects seek to protect existing infrastructure or restore damage caused by erosion and waves. Geomembranes and geosynthetics offer technical solutions to different challenges encountered during the design and construction of this type of shelter or protection structures, be they marine on coasts, or erosion control in rivers. From breakwaters, breakwaters, dune cores, breakwater cores, banks and dikes, marginal protections, to reinforced slopes, dredging and recovery of land from the sea.

The proper use of geosynthetics in projects of marine, coastal and fluvial structures (in rivers) allows to reduce transport costs and take advantage of materials available on site, reduce construction times, give feasibility to projects with innovative construction techniques, reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint, and increase the useful life of this type of projects.

At G & G® we have the experience for the correct selection of products and the knowledge of the applications in which these materials, geomembranes and geosynthetics, add value to projects of Marine, Fluvial and Coastal Structures.

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