Oil & gas energies


Power generation and the oil and gas industry is a strategic sector linked to almost all productive activities. Geomembranes and geosynthetics offer technical solutions to different challenges encountered during the construction and operation stage of energy projects, petrochemical plants, hydrocarbon storage terminals, exploration of oil wells and natural gas. From access roads and platforms, erosion and drainage control, environmental protection barriers, oil mats, slope erosion control, weed suppression, clearings, confinement and drying of process sludge, to waterproofing, secondary containment dikes, lines fluid conduction and gas distribution networks.

The proper use of geosynthetics in energy, oil and gas allows to obtain savings in costs and construction times, reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint, achieve a safe operation with the environment, ensuring the performance and useful life of these infrastructures.

At G & G® we have the experience for the correct selection of products and the knowledge of the applications in which these materials, geomembranes and geosynthetics, add value to Energy Oil & Gas projects.

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