Water and environment


Water is vital for life and for all productive activities, and a clean environment is essential to achieve the well-being, development and prosperity of any society.

Geomembranes and geosynthetics offer technical solutions to different challenges encountered for water conservation and protection or remediation of the environment. From waterproofing, water storage, barriers to control evaporation, containment of wastewater, treatment of wastewater and polluted or process effluents, desolving and confinement of contaminated sludge, channels, to fluid conduction lines and distribution networks of drinking water.

The proper use of geosynthetics in water and the environment allows reducing the construction costs of water care projects, mitigating impacts on the environment and preventing water pollution, reducing environmental remediation times, reducing the environmental impact and the footprint of carbon.

At G & G® we have the experience for the correct selection of products and the knowledge of the applications in which these materials, geomembranes and geosynthetics, add value to Water and Environment projects.

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