Agriculture and Livestock


Agricultural activity is a primary productive activity closely related to other industries, and essential for food production. Geomembranes and geosynthetics offer technical solutions to different challenges encountered during the development of agribusiness activities. From water storage, reservoirs, evaporation ponds, biodigesters, irrigation canals, water conduction lines, compost piles, composting, de-watering, drying and confinement of sludge, to control of erosion of slopes, embankments, platforms and roads of access.

The proper use of geosynthetics in agribusiness allows reducing the construction costs of water care projects, taking advantage of the generation of energy from biogas, caring for the environment with a safe operation, reducing construction times, reducing environmental impact and carbon footprint, and ensure the durability of these necessary infrastructures around agricultural and livestock activities.

At G & G® we have the experience for the correct selection of products and the knowledge of the applications in which these materials, geomembranes and geosynthetics, add value to Agriculture and Livestock (Agroindustry) projects.

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