Interlayer For Paving

Interlayer Geosynthetics for Paving are placed between the base and subbase layers, or subbase and subgrade, or inside the base of the flexible pavement to reduce stresses on the subgrade in relation to flexible pavements that do not have this reinforcement.

Paving Interlayer Geosynthetics offer high mechanical properties and high flow capabilities that extend the life of asphalt pavement by retarding refractive cracking and control of water infiltration scour on the bearing surface.



They act as an impermeable barrier to the flow of liquids and gases.


The geosynthetic increases the bearing capacity of the land, acts in conjunction with the structural soil to produce a compound or "geo-soil", which works under tension and improves the resistance and deformation properties of the soil. 


Geosynthetics prevent the mixing of two layers of materials that have different particle distributions, such as gravel and sand, for example, to avoid contamination between them.  



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