Asphalt waterproofing

The most commonly used materials for waterproofing are polymer-bitumen roll membranes. This is due to the relative simplicity of installation, the popularity of the technology, the durability of the material, and the stability of factory-set technical parameters. All of this makes these products the most popular in waterproofing systems around the world. Polymer-bitumen membranes are commonly used for waterproofing foundations, engineering structures, roads, bridge decks, and flat roofs. These materials could also be used as a base for pitched roofs and as a vapor barrier. The waterproofing membrane not only protects the interior from water penetration, but also prevents the destruction of the foundation and supporting structures. Therefore, the correct selection and installation of the waterproofing membrane also ensures the durability of the entire installation. TECHNONICOL (TN) polymer-bitumen membranes are applied for waterproofing building structures and are recommended for use in system solutions developed by the company's experts.

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