Geotubes marine structures

Geotubes® are encapsulated soil textile containers that can be used to replace rock as a conventional material in hydraulic engineering structures.

Geotubes® tend to be more hydraulically and geotechnically stable, as they are heavier units and larger in size, with a greater width to height ratio and also have a greater contact area between units.

In many projects of rivers, lakes, coasts, the rock can be at distances that are not economical for its transport. Geotubes® allow the use of materials available on site, typically sand or sediments that are the product of dredging, as a material to be confined and used to build this type of marine or river structures in water conditions.



The geosynthetic material acts by preventing the movement or lateral displacement of materials, either by friction or mechanical interlocking mechanisms depending on their coefficient of interaction. 

Erosion control

Geosynthetics prevent surface erosion of soil particles caused by surface water runoff and / or wind forces. 


The permeability of geosynthetics allows the circulation of water through the material, but retaining the soil particles that the flow brings. 



Study cases

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