TPO geomembranes

The TPO Geomembrane is a synthetic waterproofing sheet whose composition is based on a thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) product of an advanced polymerization process, combined with a polyester mesh (reinforced). It is an ideal material for the storage of drinking water and for ceilings or roofs. The material of our TPO geomembranes is manufactured according to the UNE 13956 standard.

It is suitable for waterproofing drinking water tanks, lakes, ponds and canals, whether or not they are drinking water, as well as for waterproofing roofs, ceilings or slabs in any building.

BENEFITS: Our TPO Geomembranes make a difference:

• High durability
• High resistance to breakage and tensile strength.
• Excellent resistance to punching, aging and putrescibility.
• Resistance to UV rays, without the need for additional protection.
• It does not contain plasticizers, it is inert and does not contain chlorides, so it is friendly to the environment.
• Excellent thermal and dimensional stability.
• Great resistance to chemicals.
• Perfectly weldable with hot air, obtaining a continuous and watertight surface.
• Self-extinguishing



They act as an impermeable barrier to the flow of liquids and gases.


They can be used to coat surfaces, as elements of protection, erosion control, promoters of vegetation, waterproof coating, temporarily or even permanently.



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