PVC geomembranes

PVC-P Geomembranes (Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride) are flexible sheets made from synthetic resins, additives and plasticizers, whose flexibility allows them to easily adapt to the shape of the terrain or any surface. The material of our PVC geomembranes is manufactured under the EN 13967 standard.

Our PVC Geomembranes make a difference:

  • 10 year warranty
  • Sheets manufactured exclusively from virgin resins that guarantee constant characteristics and optimal durability.
  • Suitable for storing drinking water.
  • Resistant to swelling, putrescibility and aging.
  • With a high level of tightness even under permanent deformation.
  • They have high resistance to punching.
  • Resistant to root perforation according to CEN / TS 14416
  • Excellent stability against UV rays.
  • Permeable to water vapor.
  • Perfectly weldable with hot air, even after several years after installation.
  • Excellent flexibility at low temperatures.
  • Recyclable product at the end of its useful life.



They act as an impermeable barrier to the flow of liquids and gases.


They can be used to coat surfaces, as elements of protection, erosion control, promoters of vegetation, waterproof coating, temporarily or even permanently.



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