Polyethylene and Polypropylene Geomembranes

Polyolefin geomembranes can generally be polyethylene geomembranes or polypropylene geomembranes. They are produced based on polymers obtained by polymerizing olefins. Polyolefin geomembranes are produced based on four types of materials: high-density polyethylene HDPE / HDPE, linear low-density polyethylene LLDPE, very low-density polyethylene VLDPE and polypropylene PP. They are specially designed for waterproofing and secure containment applications. From the lining of reservoirs, pipelines, pools and similar water treatment structures; to the encapsulation and storage of domestic, industrial or mining waste as environmental protection.
We are representatives of the ATARFIL brand, one of the largest manufacturers of polyolefin geomembranes in the world, and at G & G® we have extensive experience in projects involving landfills, water pots, agriculture and livestock, biodigesters, energy, process industries and mining.
The geomembranes that we commercialize have the highest guarantees in the market of 10 years, and individual quality certificates for each roll that we put in the hands of our Clients.



They act as an impermeable barrier to the flow of liquids and gases.


They can be used to coat surfaces, as elements of protection, erosion control, promoters of vegetation, waterproof coating, temporarily or even permanently.



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