Biaxial Geogrids

The structure of biaxial geogrids, unlike uniaxial geogrids, has the same tensile strength in both directions: machine direction (MD) and transverse direction (TD), distributing stresses over a larger area and increasing the bearing capacity of the soil. Geogrids interact with the aggregate confining the base and reinforcing the subgrade.

The use of biaxial geogrids has several benefits such as reduced work times and cost savings by reducing the amount of aggregates required.



The geosynthetic material acts by preventing the movement or lateral displacement of materials, either by friction or mechanical interlocking mechanisms depending on their coefficient of interaction. 


The geosynthetic increases the bearing capacity of the land, acts in conjunction with the structural soil to produce a compound or "geo-soil", which works under tension and improves the resistance and deformation properties of the soil. 



Study cases

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