Geodrenes or Drainage Geocomposites are prefabricated geosynthetics that consist of a thermoformed core in the form of a high-impact polystyrene column that allows the creation of a hydraulic area for the conduction of a fluid.

Unlike pipe and stone systems, these geosynthetics are manufactured to meet specific physical and mechanical properties that are verified by independent testing laboratories per ASTM standards, ensuring that the water on your project "flows" as required. planned.

The structure of the Geodrenes can vary in their physical form and they can also be combined with a non-woven or woven geotextile, either on one or both sides, to filter and prevent clogging of the drainage system. The use of Geodrenes for the capture and conduction of fluids, essentially water, in civil engineering constructions allows the saving of materials and the rapid evacuation of water from the built system.


Sewer system

It is the function of geosynthetics that allows to collect and transport fluids. They act as drains to conduct flow through less permeable soils.


The permeability of geosynthetics allows the circulation of water through the material, but retaining the soil particles that the flow brings. 


Geosynthetics prevent the mixing of two layers of materials that have different particle distributions, such as gravel and sand, for example, to avoid contamination between them.  



Study cases

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