G & G® is the exclusive representative of McElroy in Mexico.

Our commercial approach leads us to look for high-quality products, so we work with international and national companies, promoting their products through commercial alliances with a precise approach according to the solutions provided by their different product categories.

McElroy Manufacturing Inc. is committed to providing quality and innovative products and services through its entire range of product offerings. Our dedication drives the values we strive to honor daily at McElroy

We focus on the Customer, and we aspire to make the McElroy experience the best possible for each of our Customers. Although commonly associated with high-density polyethylene (HDPE / HDPE) tubing, McElroy hot melt equipment is capable of fusing or welding a wide variety of different types of thermoplastic materials and tube sizes.

The McElroy name is known worldwide as the most reliable, efficient, robust and technically advanced fusion equipment in the world.

The McElroy Advantage

• Durability and productivity, the most resistant and advanced equipment in the world


• Technical assistance and user service in the country and in the language


• Automatic fusion equipment: hydraulic advantage


• Valve system for operation and pressure control


• Uniform force system in the fusion zone of the pipe

• Precision alignment, heating system and integrated precision cutting system


• Data logging and quality monitoring DataLogger


• Tools to increase productivity and quality of mergers


• Always thought with the operator's safety in mind

HDPE equipment

PPR equipment


McElroy has a wide range of accessories for its different equipment that allow optimizing the thermofusion processes. In this section you will only be able to see the most common ones in the Mexican market, however, you can request more information regarding the complete range of accessories.

McElroy University

For more than 35 years, McElroy has been the only pipe fusion machine manufacturer to offer advanced training courses on an ongoing basis. The courses and certifications are designed to improve your knowledge, productivity and safety through the correct use of McElroy machines.


McElroy is proud to provide you with the tools for your professional development. We have set an industry standard by creating short tutorial videos in Spanish


McElroy stands out as the benchmark in the industry creating several animations that show the theory and practice of thermofusion, and explain the correct use of our equipment.

Datalogger vault

The DataLogger Vault is a free and secure storage vault in the cloud of the complete data of each merger process. Data is electronically logged with the McElroy DataLogger. It is the most advanced in the industry: supervision and quality control in the field and from anywhere at the time of thermofusion

Parts finder

Access the McElroy central site to find the accessory, machine or part you are looking for. Just enter the serial number or the part or model number you are looking for

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