In-Ditch 1600

20 ″ OD to 65 ″ OD (500mm - 1600mm)

The In-Ditch 1600 provides butt fusion capability for large diameter pipe, fitting and flange fusion jobs in very tight workspaces. The In-Ditch 1600 was designed as an ideal machine for joint fusion and a cost-effective alternative to electrofusion, which requires the purchase of additional accessories. The In-Ditch 1600 features a compact two-jaw cart with a top-loading heater and fairing for greater flexibility in confined areas. The cart has the same 30,000 pounds of clamping force per jaw as the MegaMc® 1600. With a maximum pressure range of 3,000 psi, the In-Ditch 1600 can fuse more than 15 ″ of exposed pipe, providing maximum versatility in tight spaces. with minimal excavation required. Ease of mobility is built into the machine with multiple lift points, a trolley spreader bar and a sliding trolley, all designed to fit within a small package. Roll bars protect the cart and hydraulic components when the machine is driven into the trench.

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