Geotubos® M: Marine Structures

Confinement technology Geotubes® M it has proven to be exceptionally valuable in marine applications for more than 50 years; to be used as construction elements taking advantage of the material from the site or dredging, substituting traditional methods and hauling rock, to protect coastlines from erosion, river banks, particularly against hurricanes and tropical storms. 

The construction process is simple: the Geotube® M It is manufactured with a technical geosynthetic with high mechanical performance and resistance to the elements; It is filled with sand, material from the site or from dredging, and placed submerged, emerged and even under the sand of the beach or covered by rock as protection as the case may be. The Geotube® keeps sand or material confined preventing its erosion. 

The technology Geotube® M for marine applications it is used as an integral component in the design and construction of a great variety of marine and hydraulic engineering structures such as the generation of sand dune cores, wetlands and other habitats; marginal protections in rivers and coasts, in addition to breakwaters, breakwaters, dikes and breakwaters, underwater structures, gaining ground from the sea, and even raising new islands from the bottom of the water. The M® Geotubes make a difference: 

  • Easy to install on or under the surface of the water even in adverse conditions.
  • They prevent the migration of sediments and confined fillings.
  • They substitute higher cost rock or aggregates not found on site, and that require transportation with an additional haulage cost; by material available in a cheaper place.
  • Excellent soil stabilization and filtration capacity.
  • Generates a profit when using material from the site or from dredging, in the case of coastal applications.
  • Resistance to current and wave attack due to its high weight and great structural stability.
  • Flexible in their dimensions and variety of geosynthetics for their manufacture, and design of customized solutions.
  • Minimum environmental impact.

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