Erosion control mantles

Erosion Control Mantas, also called geomantas, geomantos or mats, are flexible permeable and / or three-dimensional canvases that are placed on the soil surface in order to create immediate protection against the erosive effect of wind and water, due to runoff. surface and / or rain, which allows, depending on the characteristics of the project, the growth of vegetation naturally or through the hydroseeding system.


These Erosion Control Blankets are used for the protection of soil structures; They are commonly used on slopes resulting from cuts or fillings, or for lining of canals, tailings tanks, landfills or landfills.



Geosynthetics prevent the mixing of two layers of materials that have different particle distributions, such as gravel and sand, for example, to avoid contamination between them.  


The permeability of geosynthetics allows the circulation of water through the material, but retaining the soil particles that the flow brings. 

Sewer system

It is the function of geosynthetics that allows to collect and transport fluids. They act as drains to conduct flow through less permeable soils.

Erosion control

Geosynthetics prevent surface erosion of soil particles caused by surface water runoff and / or wind forces. 


They can be used to coat surfaces, as elements of protection, erosion control, promoters of vegetation, waterproof coating, temporarily or even permanently.

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