The geotextile is a geosynthetic; is a flat textile material formed by polymeric fibers joined by weaving, punching or thermosetting and designed with certain characteristics of resistance and porosity for the solution of various geotechnical problems related to filtration or separation, drainage, stabilization and reinforcement of soils.


Geotextiles can be applied in a wide variety of works and engineering projects, such as: drainage and separation of soils in overland roads, drainage networks, protection of waterproofing, slopes and mechanically stabilized walls, access roads, reinforcement of soils and platforms. , etc.



Geosynthetics prevent the mixing of two layers of materials that have different particle distributions, such as gravel and sand, for example, to avoid contamination between them.  


The permeability of geosynthetics allows the circulation of water through the material, but retaining the soil particles that the flow brings. 

Sewer system

It is the function of geosynthetics that allows to collect and transport fluids. They act as drains to conduct flow through less permeable soils.


The geosynthetic material acts by preventing the movement or lateral displacement of materials, either by friction or mechanical interlocking mechanisms depending on their coefficient of interaction. 

Humidity control

Geosynthetics made with special fibers provide a draining action through the horizontal plane of the filament without the need for a hydraulic gradient, stabilizing the soil and controlling its water content. 

Erosion control

Geosynthetics prevent surface erosion of soil particles caused by surface water runoff and / or wind forces. 


The geosynthetic increases the bearing capacity of the land, acts in conjunction with the structural soil to produce a compound or "geo-soil", which works under tension and improves the resistance and deformation properties of the soil. 


Geosynthetics act as a layer that protects a material that acts as an impermeable barrier from drilling or punching. They fulfill the function of receiving, absorbing and mitigating forces exerted on a surface that can cause damage to it. 

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