Oil Mats


The drilling of an oil well implies a previous process to evaluate the land and define whether or not it is suitable to establish the well permanently. During this evaluation period, the facilities are temporary and drilling tests are carried out. All types of waste, drilling fluids and oil sludge are generated in these jobs, which mix with the chemicals used for drilling, mainly bentonites, resulting in highly polluting sludge.

Oil mats are rectangular structures made from geomembranes or liners Specialized systems that are placed covering the drilling area of the well and under the equipment in order to contain the generated waste sludge in a safe and durable way. In this way, contamination of the soil, subsoil and water tables is avoided. These industrial mats prevent difficult-to-solve contamination problems, not to mention the dire health effects it can cause.

The application of geosynthetics and geomembranes for oil mats or environmental mats allow the placement of prefabricated or assembled waterproof barriers on site to measure in any project quickly. They have a high resistance to punching, are self-extinguishing, easy to maintain and economically viable.

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