Environmental remediation


Environmental remediation projects include a set of activities to be implemented in order to meet specific environmental criteria and achieve the desired social objectives of recovery of natural conditions, free of polluting elements. The stages of the remediation process of a contaminated site vary depending on, among other things, its extension, the types of contaminants involved and the severity of the problems caused by them.

Many of the environmental remediation techniques involve the treatment and remediation of water bodies with contaminated sludge. The high volume of water to be treated or of contaminated solids with a high moisture content, require large surfaces for treatment and disposal. Geotube® Technology is an efficient alternative for sludge volume reduction, confinement and dewatering that uses high-strength geosynthetics to filter water while retaining solids quickly. The water that comes out of the container can be re-incorporated into the process, continue its treatment or even, in some cases, can be directly returned to the environment if it complies with current environmental regulations and standards.

The application of Geotubes® as an environmental remediation allows the confinement of contaminated sediments or sludge, reducing the volume to be treated immediately, recovering the clarification of clean water, free of sediments or contaminated solids. The contaminated sludge confined in Geotubos® is dewatered to dryness for subsequent treatment, transport, disposal or confinement on site safely.

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