Building waterproofing


Waterproofing in buildings is essential, since water seepage and humidity negatively affect the properties of building elements, deteriorate building materials and create unhealthy environments. Leaks and leaks damage the aesthetic appearance, resistance and value of buildings, cause corrosion in structural elements, can endanger the construction in general, affect the health and comfort of users.

The most common waterproofing methods are based on liquid products in which it is difficult to control the thickness of the applied layer, they have very low resistance to ultraviolet rays and as they are adhered directly to the slab, they do not resist movements of the structures and the hot-cold cycles that exist during the day.

Geosynthetics and geomembranes for waterproofing in buildings, that is, to waterproof tank roofs, swimming pools, lakes and foundations, offer multiple advantages such as their great flexibility and elongation, their high resistance to UV radiation and ozone. They are materials of high durability, resistant to punching, resistant to chemicals and root perforation. There is a wide range of products for each type of project, with different mechanical, physical and aesthetic finishing properties in a variety of colors. In addition, its installation is clean and fast, with quality controls during installation that guarantee its performance.

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